Octopod is a «make once, deploy everywhere» rapid mobile application development tool for independent software developers and enterprise IT departments striving to find a flexible, yet powerful way of enterprise IT «mobilization» with native OS support, fast time to market and low cost of ownership. 

Octopod Mobie Development Platform Quick Overview

Mobile shipments quickly overtake PCs but enterprise mobile development maturity is growing much slowly! Providing mobile access to different corporate systems for employees, partners, and clients is one of the biggest challenges IT Managers are facing today. HTML5 cross-platform apps were thought to be a good solution to this problem, but performance issues and poor user experience reports are preventing them from being wildly adopted within Enterprises.

Native mobile applications provide much better user experience but development of native apps requires skilled developers for every mobile OS and multiple points of integration with back-end systems. Independent software vendors and content providers are looking for ways to decrease the amount of time and money required to create and support apps for each major mobile platform. As long as mobile devices continue to become the main information access tool, developers and ISVs will be under pressure to create mobile front-ends for the software and services they're developing. Studying native SDK for each mobile platform is not a solution, because is difficult and time consuming. With Octopod they can either learn just one SDK or take advantage of their current Java language knowledge to create native apps that function on all major mobile platforms*.

Octopod platform can be used to develop the native enterprise mobile apps using the Java language and client-server approach with a single point of mobile applications' lifecycle management including:

  • development & deployment,

  • patching & updating,

  • integration with back-end systems,

  • monitoring, and reporting. 

Octopod Enterprise Architecture 

Octopod Mobile Development Platform is a client-server solution, built with the principles of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in mind. Mobile application functionality is developed on Java and deployed on the Octopod Server. Applications on various mobile devices work as "thin clients", receiving business logic from Octopod Server and communicating back the user’s data. Data transfer based on XML-based markup language called Octopod Markup Language. Octopod builds the applications' distribution binaries for all supported* mobile operating systems. Octopod API, a wide set of connectors, SOAP and LDAP support enable quick and easy integration of Octopod mobile apps to all major services and protocols. 

Learn more about Octopod architecture.

Octopod platform solutions

Octopod Mobile Development Platform provides several industry specific reference designs including:
  • OctoBank (mobile bank)
  • OctoRetail (mobile shop and loyalty programs)
  • OctoGuide (mobile billboards)
  • OctoMedia (mobile publishing for media)
  • OctoAccount (personal online cabinet)
All of them are ready to go building blocks to further speed up platform adoption and your own solutions development

Learn more about Octopod platform solutions.

Advantages of the Octopod Platform

All multi-platform solutions in the market strive to ease the development of identical native applications for the different mobile operating systems. Octopod platform successfully solves this problem and thanks to its client-server architecture, provides a number of other significant benefits — not only for application developers, but also for their enterprise owners and users.

Octopod combines the advantages of rapid native mobile application cross-platform development, client-server architecture to support enterprise and cloud integration, and ready-to-use industry specific templates built to speed up your time to market. You can build powerful native mobile applications, quickly deploy, patch and monitor them for enterprise usage, and integrate business logic with enterprise IT landscape.


Empower your business with the Octopod Mobile Develoment Platform:


  • Build new customer interaction channels and improve performance of your mobile workforce including rich multimedia support
  • “Write once, run anywhere” dramatically shortens cross-platform development and support cycles, especially for Java developers 
  • Native apps offer the best user experience resulting improved customers' loyalty 
  • Use native device features on every supported mobile OS/flavors and variety of form-factors including tablets and smartphones
  • Centrally manage enterprise mobile applications life-cycle including development, deployment, patching, integration and monitoring
*) Check the actual list of supported mobile OS with Octopod representatives.

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