Faster IT Mobilization

Write once, run anywhere!

Octopod is a «make once, deploy everywhere» rapid mobile application development tool for independent software developers and enterprise IT departments striving to find a flexible, yet powerful way of enterprise IT «mobilization» with native OS support, fast time to market and low cost of ownership.

Industry specific reference designs

Start with out of the box solutions for banking, retail, media

Octopod provides several industry specific ready to use solution templates and reference designs to speed up development process and improve time to value.

Enterprise apps life-cycle management

Mitigate BYOD and mobile management risks while reducing costs

Develop the native mobile apps with Octopod client-server architecture acting as a single point of mobile applications' life-cycle management including: development & deployment, patching & updating, integration with back-end systems, monitoring, and reporting.

Octopod Features

  • Enterprise Vision

    Develop the native Enterprise mobile apps using the Java language and client-server architecture with a single point of mobile applications' life-cycle management including: development & deployment, patching & updating.

  • Total Mobilization

    Quickly build new customer interaction channels including multimedia rich GUIs on all major mobile platforms and devices. Improve performance of your mobile workforce. Go to market faster than developing in native SDKs.

  • Integration

    Octopod client-server architecture supports enterprise and cloud integration via Octopod API, LDAP and SOAP support.

  • Analytics

    Octopod server is permanently logging all users' activities, stores logs, and can provide valuable insights on all applications life-cycle stages.
  • Best User Experience

    Create compelling user experiences with native device features support including placing of calls, sending SMS, using a cameras etc.

  • Fast time to value

    Develop your application fast using a Java based developing language, Octopod XML and ready to use industry specific solution templates.


Octopod Mobie Development Platform Quick Overview

Learn more about Octopod Platform.

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